Issue 01 October 2012

Welcome to the first edition of our quarterly e-magazine. The articles will enlighten you on the vision and passion that led to the creation of the Institute in the heart of Norwich, the valuable treasures of our Lisa Sainsbury Library, how we endeavor to be part of our local community and many hidden joys related […]

Custom and Culture: Japanese National Holidays

October, November, December If you have ever believed that Japan is a nation of workaholics you might be surprised to learn how many days off people take for national holidays. Currently there are 15 national holidays laid down in the Public Holiday Law of 1948, last amended in 2005. Each of these non-working days has […]

Letters from Fellows at the Sainsbury Institute

From Sadamura Koto The Sainsbury Institute fellowship for Japanese Studies Young Scholars 2011–12 provided me with an excellent opportunity to conduct research at world-renowned museums and institutions, to collect material for my PhD dissertation and to work with scholars and curators in the UK and beyond. I was based in London for the whole year […]

The Institute and Our Community

A Japanese Garden in Norwich Cathedral When asked to design a garden for Norwich cathedral I imagined something in the surrounding landscape, but found that it was actually to be in the new ‘Hostry’ or welcoming hall for visitors to the cathedral. Inside this beautiful modern building is an exhibition area at the end of […]

The Sainsbury Institute Abroad

Study trip to examine the impact of the March 2011 disaster on cultural heritage in Japan In July 2012, a team of 4 people, consisting of myself, two MA students doing Japan-related studies at UEA and SOAS and a researcher currently doing an internship at the Sainsbury Institute, visited Japan for two weeks. I am currently […]

Museums in Japan

Jōmon Exhibitions and the Sainsbury Institute ‘Dogū, a Cosmos: Ancient Clay Figurines’ is an exhibition being held at Miho Museum in Shiga prefecture from September 1st to December 9th 2012. Spreading over 10 galleries, this is the first large-scale show of Jōmon dogū (clay figurines) ever held in the Kansai district. Among the 320 objects […]

Interview with Founders and Staff

Dame Elizabeth Esteve-Coll: Part 1 Dame Elizabeth’s Relationship with Japan Dame Elizabeth Esteve-Coll, formerly Vice-Chancellor of the University of East Anglia (UEA) and Director of the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum, has been a trustee of the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures since its establishment in January 1999. In her […]

Treasures of the Library

“Atlas Japannensis: being remarkable addresses by way of embassy from the East-India Company of the United Provinces, to the Emperor of Japan: containing a description of their several territories, cities, temples, and fortresses, their religions, laws, and customs, their prodigious wealth, and gorgeous habits, the nature of their soil, plants, beasts, hills, rivers, and fountains […]