Beyond Japan podcast

Beyond Japan, hosted by Oliver Moxham, Project Support Officer at the Sainsbury Institute and researcher of Japanese war heritage, aims to demonstrate the interdisciplinary breadth of Japanese Studies through interviewing experts on the diverse range of subjects it encompasses from archaeology to international relations to avant-garde calligraphy. Interviewees are also asked about their background to explore how a blossoming interest in Japan can lead to becoming an expert across a broad spectrum of fields.

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Latest episodes

  • Oliver is joined by Luke Edgington Brown, PhD in Archaeology from the University of East Anglia, to discuss the role of archaeology in creating national histories. Luke’s research looked at the work of William Gowland on kofun imperial burial mounds […]
  • Oliver is joined by Chie Kutsuwada, UK-based manga artist, to discuss Japanese comics as art and the global spread of the genre’s art style and readership. Chie and Oliver look at what separates manga from other comic styles, the appeal […]
  • Welcome to the third series of Beyond Japan! In this episode, Oliver is joined by Randy Sasaki, researcher at the Kyushu National Museum, to discuss his specialism of underwater archaeology, otherwise known as maritime or nautical archaeology. Randy and I […]
  • Oliver is joined by Sophie Richard, art historian, museum specialist and acclaimed writer, as we explore art museums in Japan of every variety. From her training at École du Louvre, Sophie has visited museums across the archipelago, broadening her understanding […]
  • Oliver is joined by Adam Hunt, PhD candidate at the University of Sheffield, to compare crime between Japan and the UK and how factors such as attitudes towards former convicts affects “desistance”; that is, attempts to reduce the rate of […]

Series 2 (Sept. 2021 – July 2022)

Series 1 (June 2020 – July 2021)