Handa Archaeology Fellow Junzo Uchiyama’s article published in Nature Ecology & Evolution


Sainsbury Institute’s Handa Archaeology Fellow Junzo Uchiyama’s co-authored article ‘Common Carp Aquaculture in Neolithic China Dates Back 8,000 Years’ has been published on 24th September 2019 in Nature. A team of international researchers analysed teeth of carp found in China and by comparing the body-length distributions the team found evidence that carp aquaculture existed 8,000 years ago, a […]

Handa Japanese Archaeology Fellowship: Call for applications | CLOSED

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The Handa Japanese Archaeology Fellowship was established in 2003, and is funded through the International Jomon Culture Conference by the Japanese philanthropist Handa Haruhisa. The fellowships are designed to allow a particularly promising Japanese archaeologist to spend a year with the Sainsbury Institute. There have to date been five Handa Japanese Archaeology Fellows. Handa Japanese […]