Matsuba Ryoko

Lecturer in Japanese Digital Arts and Humanities

Matsuba Ryoko is a specialist on Edo period printed culture. She is currently Lecturer in Japanese Digital Arts and Humanities at the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, University of East Anglia. She received her PhD from Ritsumeikan University (2008). She is a curator of the Citi Exhibition Manga at the British Museum and co-author of the exhibition catalogue.

Selected publications


  • Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere and Matsuba Ryoko eds. Manga, Thames and Hudson (May 2019).

Journal Papers and Book Chapters

  • Ryoko Matsuba “Fashion Influencers in the Edo Period; The Yoshiwara and the Kabuki Theater”, The Worcester Art Museum and Vivian Li eds., The Kimono in Print: 300 Years of Japanese Design, March 2020, pp. 48-63.
  • Ryoko Matsuba “The Power of Hokusai’s Line”, Timothy Clark eds. Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave, Thames and Hudson (May 2017), pp. 34-39.
  • Ryoko Matsuba “Fleurs du mal: Onnagata (Female-Role Specialists) and Nanshoku (Male-Male Sex) in Edo-period Kabuki”, Joshua Mostow and Asato Ikeda eds. A Third Gender: Beautiful Youths in Japanese Edo-Period Prints and Paintings (1600–1868), Hotei publishing (May 2016), pp. 40-51.
  • Ryoko Matsuba “Intertwined Characters: Parody images in Edo visual culture”, Andon 99 (May 2015), pp. 5-19.
  • Ryoko Matsuba “Actor picture books and actor-likeness erotica: an examination of Toyokuni I’s erotic book Ehon koi no gakuya”, Art Research 15 (March 2015), pp. 3-33.

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