Digital Japan

We have come to think of Japan as a leader in the field of technology, from robotics to futuristic city design. This research strand brings together the technical innovations of Japanese art and design with the use of digital technology to understand Japanese arts and cultures.

Current research on Japan is ‘digital’ in three key areas:

  1. Digitisation of historic arts and crafts materials allows us to preserve artefacts. At the same time, researchers go beyond the capacity of the human eye, learning new things about aged objects.
  2. ‘Digital-born’ art practice uses binary processes such as code to create new artworks and everyday design objects such as robots.
  3. Digital media, including social media, both disseminates research on Japan, and deepens research practice by engaging a global community and facilitating exchange through shared images, resources and translation.

The Digital Japan research stream brings these three areas together to construct an overview of a fast-developing field.