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Keyword: archaeology / art / manga / calligraphy
Series: Japanese Visual Culture Series / Sainsbury Institute Occasional Papers / Toshiba Lectures

Brill’s Japanese Visual Culture (Managing Editor: John T. Carpenter) is a new academic series devoted to the visual culture of the Japanese archipelago of every era. It will include studies on the history of painting, prints, calligraphy, sculpture, architecture and applied arts, but will extend to the performing arts, cinema, manga and anime. Despite the recent trend away from monographs on individual artists or object-based studies, the Japanese Visual Culture series recognises the still-crucial need for research on Japanese artists or previously neglected categories of art to help build the foundation for the further development of the field. It will also actively seek interdisciplinary or theoretical approaches to archaeology, religion, literature, and the social sciences. Though all volumes will be published in English, the series will encourage submission by scholars based in Europe. The series will be attractively designed and allow for copious illustrative material, using the latest technology for high-quality colour reproduction. The books will rely on Brill’s well-established distribution networks to research libraries in Europe, North America, and East Asia, especially Japan. While the primary readership will be specialists and students of Japanese art history and related fields, we expect the attractively designed format will attract wider audiences.