Osaka Archaeology

About the Publication

This book by Richard Pearson is an archaeological study of the Ōsaka region, Japan, from the about 20,000 years ago to 1868 AD. Its purpose is to introduce the recently excavated rich archaeological heritage of the Ōsaka area and to show how archaeology contributes to our general knowledge of Ōsaka in unique ways. The study focuses on excavations, environmental data, sites, and artifacts and their interpretation.ISBN: 9781784913755 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 136p

About the Author

Richard Pearson Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at the University of British Columbia and has also worked as an independent scholar, consultant and tour leader. He received his degree from Yale, and specializes in the archaeology of East Asia, presently Japan and Okinawa, and previously China, Korea, and Taiwan. He has conducted fieldwork in Okinawa, Taiwan, Polynesia, and Canada, and has received multiple awards and honors for his work.

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