Biographical Portraits

Sir Hugh Cortazzi (ed.)

Published by: The Japan Society, 2016

Remembering Lady Sainsbury in the Biographical Portrait

Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere contributed an article in remembrance of Lady Lisa Sainsbury, one of the founders of the Institute, and her contribution to Japanese Art Studies in the recently published book, Britain and Japan: Biographical Portrait volume X.

Lady Sainsbury, together with her husband Sir Robert, were patrons of the art with discerning imagination and unparalleled vision. They hired the then little known architect, Norman Foster, to build a multi-functional gallery space to house their exquisite art collection, which they gifted to the University of East Anglia. Nicole notes that while many remember Lisa’s contribution to the arts, her deep interest and support for Japnaese arts has received less attention. in her article, ‘Lisa, Lady Sainsbury (1912-2014): Bringing Japnaese Art to East Anglia’, Nicole fondly remembers Lady Sainsbury’s unwavering support for and engagement towards the study of Japanese art.

Biographical Portraits X forms part of a series recording the lives of men, women and institutions who have played a significant role in the development of UK-Japan relations. When read together these give a many-faceted picture of modern history, shedding light on controversial issues, illuminating past successes and failures, and providing a valuable point of reference for researchers and historians.

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