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Okano Junko Completes Her Secondment at the Lisa Sainsbury Library

Okano Junko late last year to early this year completed her secondment based at the Lisa Sainsbury Library as part of the library exchange programme between the Keio library and the Sainsbury Institute. Junko has been working as an acquisition librarian at the Keio University Media Center after graduating from the School of Library and Information Science at the Keio University. During her secondment, she visited other UK academic libraries such as SOAS Library, Cambridge University Library, Oxford Bodleian Japanese Library and British Library Document Supply Centre as well as some Japanese studies libraries in Paris during her stay from 23 Sep. 2013 to 17 Jan. 2014.

The Sainsbury Institute is preparing to welcome the third librarian from Keio University, Asao Chikako. She is currently at Keio University’s Hiyoshi campus library and supports business studies researchers.