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Miyasaka Fusakazu Memorial Togariishi Jomon Culture Award

Simon Kaner received the 11th Annual Miyasaka Fusakazu Memorial Togariishi Jomon Culture Award. Every year Chino city in Nagano Prefecture, Japan celebrates an individual (or organization) who has made an outstanding contribution to the study of Jomon culture (13000-400 BC) through the award. In memory of archaeologist Miyasaka Fusakazu (1887-1975) who’s pioneering work on the discovery of Togariishi site and the study of middle Jomon period helped transform our understanding of Japanese prehistory, the award marks those who demonstrate exceptional achievement in the field.

Dr Kaner is the first non-Japanese recipient of this prestigious award. His extensive research on Jomon culture, which culminated over recent years into AHRC-funded exhibitions at the British Museum and the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, and the promotion of Jomon study at an international level through conferences, publications and other related events were regarded excellent and of lasting contribution to the field of Jomon study. This award represents recognition of the sustained interest in and promotion of Japanese archaeology by the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, its staff and research partners. The award was presented on 11 October 2010.