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Lisa Sainsbury Library News

The library will have WiFi installed this winter providing all visitors with access to the Internet on their own Laptops or Mobile device.

The library welcomed Ms Rebecca Hawthorne, an M.A. student in Paper Conservation, Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London, in September 2012 to undertake a survey of the Cortazzi Map Collection currently on loan to the Sainsbury Institute from Sir Hugh Cortazzi. The collection was being surveyed for a restoration project that will allow an exhibition of the maps for the 10th anniversary of the Lisa Sainsbury Library. Her detailed report identified many useful suggestions for conserving the map collection. Rebecca will be carrying out the necessary conservation works on the collection in the future.

The library is carrying out a staff exchange scheme with Keio University Library, Japan. Discussions on this scheme was held with Director Seki Hiroshi who visited the Institute from Japan to put the scheme together. As a result of this discussion, the Sainsbury Institute was pleased to welcome Ms Yamada Maya at the end of September 2012 as the first Keio Library staff to visit the Lisa Saisnbury Library. She stayed with us for three months. During her time in UK, she visited other academic libraries as well as helping our Librarian at the Library.