Study day on the Archaeology of Early States on the Korian Peninsula

External event - University of Cambridge

Saturday 4 February, 2012
1:00pm GMT - 5:00pm GMT

The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge

As part of the Centre for Archaeology and Heritage’s engagement with the archaeology of the Kofun period in Japan (c 250-710 AD), a workshop was held in conjunction with the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, on 4 February 2012 when six scholars of the Three Kingdoms period on the Korean peninsula gave presentations about their latest research. The peninsula was divided into the Three Kingdoms of Koguryo in the north, Baekche in the southwest, and Silla in the southeast until unification under Silla in 668 AD. During this period there was intense interaction between the emerging elites of the peninsula and the Japanese archipelago, resulting in s shared elite material culture ranging from mounded tombs to armour, horse trappings and ceramics. During the first half of the 6th century Buddhism was introduced to Japan from the kingdom of Baekche. The workshop was organised in conjunction with Professor Kim Jong-il of Seoul National University and we are grateful to the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research and the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge for their support.

13:00: Introduction and welcome Kim Jong-Il and Simon Kaner

13:15: Prof. Kwon Oh-young (Hanshin University). Ancient East Asia and the Silk Road

13:45: Dr. Seong Jeong-ryong (Chungbuk National University). Three Kingdom period (pottery, technology, horse riding and harness in East Asia)

14:15: Dr. Lee Han-Sang (DaeJeon University). Golden treasures from a brilliant period. The Silla Kingdom: a way of materialising and symbolising power

14:45-15:00: Break

15:00 -15:30: Dr. Park Cheon-Soo (Kyeongbuk Nat’l Univ. ) A new perspective on the cultural relationship between Korea and Japan in the 5th – 8th centuries

15:30 – 16:00: Dr. Jo Yun-Je (Inje University) Cultural exchange between Southern Dynasties (China) and Central Asia in the 5th and 6th centuries

16:00 – 17:00: Discussion and close

Organised by Professor Kim Jong-Il (Seoul National University and Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge) and Dr Simon Kaner (Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures and the University of East Anglia)

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