The Currency of Post-growth Discourse in Contemporary Japan: A Reflection on Regional Revitalization Policies

External online event - IRS Seminar

Tuesday 20 December, 2022
11:00am CET - 12:30pm CET

Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellow, Dr Shilla Lee will be giving a presentation for the IRS – Seminar at the Leibniz-Institut für Raumbezogene Sozialforschung e.V.

This presentation examines the emerging post-growth discourse in Japan based on the interconnections between the changing trend in lifestyle migration and the new rurality discourse. In comparison to the observations in the existing literature on lifestyle migration that focus on the agency of an individual’s autonomous decision-making, the recent urban-to-rural lifestyle migration in Japan shows the growing institutional attempts to mobilize its population to tackle Japan’s long-term economic stagnation. The state and local governments are implementing various policies to stimulate population flow from central to peripheral regions and revitalize the local economy, where the former provides the nationwide platform for urban-rural migration and the latter creates regionally specific incentives or support programs. Based on an ethnographic observation of the regional revitalization policy of Tamba Sasayama, Hyōgo prefecture, I demonstrate how the post-growth form of the regional revitalization movement both ignites and dispirits the hopes for regional sustainability.

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