Okinoshima in world perspective: Weaving narratives of ritual, politics and exchange

External event

Saturday 19 December, 2020

Organised by Preservation and Utilization Council of “Sacred Island of Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region” Headquarters: World Heritage Division, Fukuoka Prefecture


Professor Simon Kaner (Sainsbury Institute, Centre for Archaeology and Heritage)

About the Talk

Okinoshima has outstanding ritual sites and is the object of worship to the present day. When considering its global significance, it is necessary to approach from the aspects of “sacred heritage” and “archeology of religion”. Japan and the United Kingdom, which are located far eastern and western ends the Eurasian continent respectively, are both island nations. While rituals held on Okinoshima were inflluenced by the active foreign exchange with the Korean Peninsula and mainland China, the same could be said for Britain with the threat from emerging foreign powers such as the Vikings. How have the unique cultures of both countries been affected? This lecture will aim to compare and examine the case of Britain from various aspects such as rituals, politics, and trade drawing from examples such as the ruins related to the legend of King Arthur, and highlight the global significance of Okinoshima.

How to view the lecture

There is no need to book. The lecture will be given in English with Japanese subtitles and will be available to view from Saturday 19 December 2020 onwards from the following link: The Japanese title of the lecture is 「世界から見た沖ノ島―祭祀、政治、交易の物語の創造―」and it’s the 5th lecture of their online open lecture series.

Image: Okinoshima in the Munakata Region

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