Dogū, a Cosmos

The “Jōmon Venus,” National treasure, Tanabatake (Chino, Nagano), Middle Jōmon, Early Part (ca 3300 BC), H:27.0 cm, Chino City.
External event - Miho Museum

Sunday 21 October, 2012
1:30pm BST - 3:30pm BST

Miho Museum | 300, Tashiro Momodani, Shigaraki, Shiga 529-1814 Japan

No reservation needed. Tickets allocated at the reception desk of the museum on the day.


Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere (Research Director, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures)

About the Lecture

Professor Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere, the Research Director of the Sainsbury Institute will give a lecture alongside Professor Kobayashi Tatsuo and Professor Tsuji Nobuo at the world famous Miho Museum. The lectures will be in association with the exhibition ‘Dogū, a Cosmos: Ancient Clay Figurines’, which runs from 1 September to 9 December 2012. It features many important examples of dogū from all over Japan, including National Treasure-designated Jōmon Venus and the earliest dogū found in Shiga Prefecture. The lectures will be followed by a discussion session which will provide the audience with the opportunity to converse further about the exhibition.

Miho Museum

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