An Evening of Art and Archaeology

'Arts of Jomon' in New York. Ōmori Junpei
Event - Sainsbury Institute

Tuesday 9 February, 2016
6:00pm GMT - 7:30pm GMT

Sainsbury Institute, 64 The Close, Norwich NR1 4DH

Please note that this event is exclusive to Friends of the Sainsbury Institute


Professor Yoshida Yasuyuki

Professor Kuwabara Hisao

Dr Simon Kaner

About the Event

The encounter of art with archaeology produces some intriguing results – particularly in Japan. Not only are there many wonderful ‘archaeological’ objects from Japan that can be appreciated from an ‘artistic’ perspective – from Jomon dogū to faces on Yayoi pots, but there are also increasing engagements by artists in Japan with archaeology, inspired by ancient design.

Join us for an evening with two of our archaeological visitors at the Sainsbury Institute – Professor Yoshida Yasuyuki from Kanazawa University, a specialist on Jomon archaeology and part of the Art and Archaeology programme planned for the World Archaeology Congress in Kyoto in summer 2016, and Professor Kuwabara Hisao from Tenri University, specialist in the archaeology of the Yayoi period. Our two specialists will each give a brief illustrated introduction to the art/archaeology of the Jomon and Yayoi periods respectively, and will then be joined by Simon Kaner, Head of the Centre for Archaeology and Heritage at the Sainsbury Institute, for a conversation about why the relationship between art and archaeology is so popular in Japan today, and a discussion with the audience.

Talks by Professor Yoshida Yasuyuki, Kanazawa University, and Professor Kuwabara Hisao, Tenri University, in conversation with Dr Simon Kaner, Head of Centre for Archaeology and Heritage, Sainsbury Institute.

Spaces are limited and booking is essential.
Please phone 01603 597510 or email to reserve your place.
Please note that this event is exclusive to Friends of the Sainsbury Institute.

Image: ‘Arts of Jomon’ in New York. Ōmori Junpei

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