Issue 20 Autumn 2017

Dear Friends,  Welcome to the Autumn 2017 edition of our e-magazine. In this edition, we cover the highlights from our summer activities to ideas on future collaborations. We’re also delighted to feature some great Japanese art and book collections, and recent and past Japanese art exhibitions outside of Japan.We hope you enjoy this edition of […]

Japanese Art Exhibitions outside of Japan

Recent, current and upcoming Japanese art exhibitions Japanese art is as popular as ever. Every month both traditional and contemporary Japanese art exhibitions are held in some part of the world. Starting from this issue of the e-magazine, our Japanese Arts Database Officer, Miwako Hayashi Bitmead, will be introducing to our readers a few recent […]

Treasures of the Library

In June 2017, Sir Hugh and Lady Cortazzi gifted the Lisa Sainsbury Library with a set of four books printed in Paris in 1818. Entitled ‘Le Japon’ (see note 1 for the full publication title), each palm sized book contains 13 to 15 images in addition to the illustrations at the front and back pages […]

Museums with Japanese Art

Celebrating the arts of Japan at the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin One hundred years ago in 1917, the New York-born mining magnate Sir Alfred Chester Beatty (1875–1968) visited Japan. Already a keen collector of Western and Islamic manuscripts, Beatty was entranced by the glittering scenes captured in painted handscrolls and albums set out for his […]

Research Roundup

Quarterly Research Highlights While we often get caught up in the moment and focus on what’s to come, we wanted to take the quarterly e-magazine as an opportunity to reflect on some of our key activities that took place in the past few months. Summers may be the season for offices to slow down and […]

Fellows and their Research

Collaborative Projects at the Sainsbury Institute: The Norwich Connection I have an unusual relationship to Japanese Studies. I am not at all a trained Japanologist – actually I am more of a “Europeanist”, a specialist on migration in Europe – and only started seriously doing research about Japan in 2006, when I was working in […]

Behind the Scenes

Two conferences on UK-Japan bilateral relations With the summer behind us, September is usually a busy month with a lot of activities heating up. As the Executive Director of the Institute, I was invited to two very different conferences during this month which made me realise once again, the depth and significance of the UK-Japan […]