September 2020 Message from the Executive Director

The 9th day of the 9th month is celebrated in Japan as Chrysanthemum Day (重陽 chōyō), one of the five ancient festivals (節句sekku). The date is marked across East Asia, early references to the Double 9th festival appearing in Chinese sources from the first century CE. In Japan today it is an opportunity to wish […]

A World War Apart: Remembering the Far East POWs of Norwich on the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day

As a master’s student studying museums and cultural heritage at UEA, with a background in Japanese studies and history, I have spent the past few years researching memorials and heritage sites related to the Asia-Pacific War (1931-45) in Japan. Anyone familiar with Japan’s role in World War II will know the Asia-Pacific theatre saw several […]

Online Summer Programme in Japanese Cultural Studies

In July and August, the Centre for Japanese Studies at the UEA and SISJAC would typically run not one but two residential summer programmes, funded by the Toshiba International Foundation and the Ishibashi Foundation. This is no typical year, however, and unfortunately we were forced to cancel both programmes due to the ongoing pandemic. Given […]

Treasures of the Library: Album of animals by Seisai Yoshimura

Following a request from an animal lover to feature a book on animals, this issue introduces the book entitled “Jūrui Gafu” (Album of Animals), which is the only book dedicated to animals among the special collections in the Lisa Sainsbury Library. This book was published in the early Meiji era, the exact year is unknown, […]