June 2021 Message from the Executive Director

The wettest May on record just is behind us here in the UK and the rainy season (tsuyu) came early to Japan this year. There is something exhilarating about the downpours that mark the northern limits of the Asian monsoons, rendering even more vivid the colours of the irises and hydrangeas that characterise early summer […]

Faces of Faith: Early Japanese Religious Statuary at the Sainsbury Centre

Date: 18th June – 3rd October 2021 It is said that 1,400 years ago a giant of Japanese history passed away, leaving behind a legacy which defined the formation of a nation. In bringing Buddhism to the Japanese courts, Prince Regent Shōtoku Taishi came to power through his marriages to the daughters of the Empress […]

Report on the joint talk “Visual story-telling of the Matagi hunters of Tōhoku”

With the increasing popularity of animal rights groups, some historical cultural practices have been challenged in the past few decades. Practices such as Spanish Bull Fighting and the Ainu Iyomante, or bear sacrifice ceremony, are being challenged by modern activist groups. These groups may wish to promote and defend animal rights, but they are also […]