April 2024 message from the Executive Director

April marks the start of the new business year in Japan, and we offer thanks and congratulations to the various friends who have let us know about new jobs, retirements and other changes. Here in Norwich we are just back following an extended Easter break which included the start of British Summer Time, so lighter […]

Report from Ms. Kamiya Yuko, Keio University Media Center

I spent a most enjoyable time at the Lisa Sainsbury Library as part of an overseas secondment for four months from 5th September to the end of December 2023. This opportunity was part of a programme which began in 2012 between the Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures and the Keio […]

Report on the talk ‘Ehon Don Kihōte’: The precursor of the Serizawa books

In the Third Thursday Lecture of 21 March, Dr Rosanna Rios Perez (Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellow 2023-24) delivered a vibrant lecture about an under-researched aspect of Japanese book and art history. In her detailed study of Serizawa Keisuke’s 芹澤銈介 (1895-1984) version of the celebrated Spanish novel Don Quixote, Dr Rios Perez explored the genesis of […]