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The Genga Art of Doraemon

Fujiko F. Fujio, Hashimoto Mari (Translated by Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere)
Published by: Shogakukan

Experience the raw power of Fujiko F. Fujio’s genga

A collection of the master’s original drawings enlarged and reproduced on an unprecedented scale

Subtle touches of pen, shades of ink, traces of carefully whitened corrections, faint pencil lines, along with added and redrawn scenes, such rawness disappears in the printed manga, but remains forever on the originals, enlivened by the energy of the artist.

The Genga Art of Doraemon is the first art book focusing on Doraemon, Fujiko F. Fujio’s masterpiece and the heart of his lifelong career. Readers are encouraged to pore over the uncompromising craftmanship of the enlarged, hand-drawn work and feel the power of the artist’s pen.

Looking at the original artwork, rather than glancing at a panel before moving to the next speech bubble, we hope that this book will open up details never before seen and offer a new view of Doraemon.

Deluxe edition, packaged in a special case with gold leaf letters and beautifully illustrated throughout. A must-have book for all Doraemon fans!

The original drawings, or genga, are enlarged and reproduced at twice their normal resolution to capture the texture of the hand-drawn work. Each panel turns into a work of art.

Renown Japanese art writer, Hashimoto Mari, carefully selects over 130 black and white and color drawings and helps unravel the mystery of the history of manga by exploring its links with traditional Japanese arts.

Bestselling manga artist, Urusawa Naoki, and Fujiko F. Fujio’s last disciple, Mugiwara Shintaro, discuss what the drawings reveal about the master’s style and techniques.

Includes a special issue of “The Haunted Castle.” Pages are for the first time presented as they were originally drawn, with explanatory text comparing the magazine and comic editions.

Two art cards (203mm x 245mm) are included as free bonus content. Decorate your own room with panels from your favorite comic strip and step into the magical word of Doraemon.

Translated by Nicole Coolidge Rousmaniere, curator of British Museum’s City exhibition Manga, the book is fully bilingual (Japanese and English).