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Kyōsai’s Animal Circus

Dr Sadamura Koto (Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellow 2021-2022)
Published by: Royal Academy of Arts

Known for his independent spirit, Kawanabe Kyōsai is among Japan’s most important master painters. Witty, energetic and imaginative, his art continues to influence numerous artistic styles today, from manga to tattoo art. Throughout his career he delighted in the depiction of animals ― crows with strong personalities, frogs in the schoolroom, rats on trapezes, catfish in procession, elephants performing tricks – and frequently used them to satirise contemporary society. This enchanting book reveals a cavalcade of Kyōsai’s creatures from the renowned Israel Goldman Collection, with an introduction to the artist and his menagerie by Sadamura Koto, a leading authority on the artist.

One of two publications published to accompany the Kyōsai exhibition at the Royal Academy.

Available to purchase from the Royal Academy’s website.