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Research projects

East Asian Art History in a Transnational Context

Detail from a painting by Hashimoto Gahō. Komaba Museum, University of Tokyo

Eriko Tomizawa-Kay 
Toshio Watanabe

This project aims to give insight into the changing boundaries and concepts of ‘art’ in Japan and East Asia through exploring the exchanges and dialogues that took place among the artists of Japan and other East Asian nations. The birth of East Asian art history could not have occurred without the symbiotic relationships among various groups of artists. The project unpacks the existing geographic, temporal, and generic paradigms that currently frame the art history of East Asia. What was the relationship between artistic production and political discourse? What role did abiding cultural legacies play in the artistic development of East Asia at large. Questions relating to methodology in (re-) constructing a broad history of East Asian art will also be addressed.

Key outputs

  • Conference
  • Symposium
  • An anthology of articles edited by Eriko Tomizawa-Kay and Toshio Watanabe. (Contract secured with Routledge)