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Tea Scentscape: A Journey Through the Fragrant Paths of Britain, China, and Japan

Event - Sainsbury Institute - Shoe Factory, St Marys Plain, Norwich NR3 3AF

火曜日 23 7月, 2024 - 水曜日 24 7月, 2024

Tuesday 23 July, 2024 11.00 and 15.00
Wednesday 24 July, 2024 11.00 and 15.00

This is a ticketed event and registration is required in advance. For registration information, please visit the MORIS website hereEach session will last for two hours at a charge of £40.00 per person. 

The ceremony will be conducted in Japanese with English translation. 

To recreate the atmosphere of an intimate Japanese creative space, MORIS are delighted to host a series of tea ceremony events in the tanzaku exhibition display area. Tea master Watanabe Nozuki will demonstrate East Asian-style tea ceremonies (from Japan and China). Pre-registered attendees will experience the entire tea ceremony process and enjoy tea and sweets at the venue.

This event will feature Keemun black tea. In the 1800s, Keemun black tea was exported to Britain, introducing the country to a “World of Flavour.” Keemun black tea from southern Anhui in China is renowned worldwide for its exquisite taste. While the tea’s name is historically associated with one town, it embodies an incredible blend of high-quality tea from across the larger Anhui region. The tea boasts a rich aroma with the evocative flavour of honey and flowers. This distinct flavour is attributed to the tea mountains spanning 60,000 square miles in Anhui Province, including the areas of Qimen, Guichi, Shitai, Dongzhi, and Wuyuan. Tea master Watanabe Nozuki has been collaborating with the historically significant Guichi Tea Factory, which has preserved the traditional methods intrinsic to Keemun tea.

Join Watanabe-sensei for an afternoon of tea that will allow for a moment of pause, reflection and unity in an otherwise busy and often divided world – this is the essence of the journey in tea.

Introduction of the Tea Ceremony Instructor
Watanabe Nozuki  was born in 1972 in Nara and raised in Fukuoka. She began her journey in the world of tea while working at Afternoon Tea Room, a division of SAZABY Inc. After leaving the company, she spent three years as a Chinese tea instructor before becoming independent. In 2004, she founded the Chinese tea practice group “Tsukinooto.” Watanabe has conducted extensive fieldwork in tea-producing regions across Southeast Asia, including China and Taiwan. She primarily focuses on tea practices in Japan and frequently holds tea ceremonies in both China and Taiwan, sharing her deep knowledge and passion for tea.

About Tsukinooto’s Tea Gatherings
My journey into the world of tea began with a part-time job at Afternoon Tea Room during my student years. Captivated by the British cultural style that adorned the café, I quickly immersed myself in the world of tea, experiencing Keemun black tea for the first time. After graduating and leaving the company, I delved deeper into the essence of tea, eventually finding myself drawn to China, the birthplace of tea.

For me, tea transcends national distinctions like Japanese or Chinese tea. I see tea leaves as interconnected by their roots in China, with tea utensils, styles, and culture travelling across oceans and continents, spreading and connecting globally.


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