Issue 15 Spring 2016

Dear Friends and Supporters,  Welcome to the Spring 2016 edition of our e-magazine.We hope you enjoy this edition. Mami MizutoriExecutive Director

Artist Profile

Katsumata Susumu’s Anti-Nuclear Manga After the 2011 meltdowns, many observers remarked on the irony and injustice of the country of Hiroshima and Nagasaki becoming the country of Fukushima. If there was any country that should have known better about the dangers of nuclear power, the argument usually went, it was Japan. To see things in this way, however, requires a bit of ignorance. True, nuclear power generation is based on technologies originally developed for the creation of nuclear warheads and nuclear-powered submarines. Also, the promotion of the civilian uses of nuclear energy has often served as cover for the actual or potential development of nuclear arms. Critics suspect as much […]

Our Fellow

Kimura Tadakazu CBE Tadakazu Kimura: It is an interesting question. In order to answer, firstly we may need to try to differentiate the meaning of the two words, namely ‘ media’ and ‘ journalism’. I have been working in this field for many years and have often been asked the question, ‘So you are from the media? And, you are a journalist, aren’t you?’. Having said that it is quite common that the two are often regarded as separate entities. I feel that journalism is one part of media and in particular embodies a sense of civil duty within the society. Media, in comparison, is a more general umbrella term with […]

The Sainsbury Institute Abroad

A thirst for Japanese gardens: Ishibashi Foundation Lectures on the popularity and progress of Japanese gardens outside of Japan On 12 March 2016, we hosted the third Ishibashi Foundation Lecture Series in the historic city of Kyoto, Japan. The first of this series was held in December 2013 at the University of Tokyo on the theme of Euro-Japanese exchange in the world of creative expression. It was followed by the second series, which discussed Euro-Japanese archaeological exchanges from the 19th century to today, in October 2014, organised in collaboration with and held at the prestigious Tokyo National Museum. The Third Ishibashi Lecture Series, and the first major cultural event that we have organised in […]

Museums in Japan

Kyoto International Manga Museum It would be unique, if not adventurous, for a UK university and local authority to get together to create and run a large-scale museum solely dedicated to the culture of comic books. Japan being Japan, this has happened already back in 2006 and, 10 years on, has proved its success. The seed to this rather unusual museum idea was planted in 2003 and took three years of tireless planning before the doors opened to the public. This year marks the Kyoto International Manga Museum’s 10th anniversary. The Kyoto International Manga Museum is administratively set up as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the Kyoto city council and […]

Treasures of the Library

95 years ago on 3 March 1921, the then 19-year-old Crown Prince Hirohito (later Showa Emperor) set sail from Yokohama port to spend nearly six months traveling abroad on the Japanese naval ship Katori, accompanied by another naval ship, Kashima. To organise the Imperial Prince’s tour to the West was a complex task and took nearly two years to plan beginning in 1919. The idea of the Western Tour began when Crown Prince Hirohito turning 18 on 29 April, 1919, and his ‘coming of age’ ceremony was held on 7 May. A special banquet was held in his honour on 10 May at the Kasumigaseki Imperial Palace. At the celebratory […]

Behind the Scenes

What will Brexit mean for academia? We are less than two months away from the referendum which will decide whether or not Great Britain will remain in the EU. As the voting date comes closer, inevitably the news is becoming increasingly dominated by this issue. The same seems to be true with conversations at dinner tables. Probably a lot of our readers may no longer have an appetite to digest yet another article about Brexit. But please do bear with me as I feel that not enough has been said on how the outcome of the referendum will affect higher educational institutions in the UK. Needless to say this is […]