April 2020 Message from the Executive Director

Along with most of you, my colleagues at the Sainsbury Institute and I have been adjusting to a new lifestyle over the last couple of weeks, a home-based one to which we will become very accustomed for the duration of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. This April, then, when we should really all be out and about enjoying the blossoms and other harbingers of spring, I want to start by thanking everyone – our wonderful staff, our partners in the UK, Japan and elsewhere, and you, our audience, for being so very understanding of the new situation we are in. Along with so many organisations across the country and elsewhere, we […]

Report for the talk “Word Embodied: Entangled Icons in Medieval Japanese Buddhist Art”

Image coming soon

Dr. Halle O’Neal, Reader in Japanese Buddhist Art and Director of Research at Edinburgh College of Art, gave a fascinating talk entitled, “Word Embodied: Entangled Icons in Medieval Japanese Buddhist Art”, for the Institute’s February 2020 Third Thursday Lecture. The talk investigated the interplay between text, image, and the body of the Buddha by examining jeweled pagoda mandalas, a type of Buddhist painting that appeared in the twelfth century. Written and painted in gold on indigo paper, jeweled pagoda mandalas are entanglements of texts and images. They show a towering pagoda constructed by characters written and copied from Buddhist scriptures in the centre. Illustrations of scriptural stories enclose the pagoda […]