Gowland Collection Kofun Research Project Workshop, Kyoto

Friday 17 June, 2016
1:00pm BST - 5:30pm BST

About the Workshop

This half-day workshop is designed to complement the findings of the Japanese and British major collaborative research project into the Gowland Collection of Kofun period materials (3rd-7th centuries AD) held at the British Museum. The British Museum Gowland Collection of artefacts and archives was acquired by William Gowland during his long sojourn in Japan in the later 19th century, and comprises a unique collection outside Japan, illuminating both the history of Japanese archaeology and the origins of the state in Japan, when rulers were buried in some of the largest burial monuments of the ancient world

Building on the work of the Gowland Collection research project, this workshop looks at materials in Japan relating to this collection, as well as developing research on Kofun archaeology in Japan more broadly. It also re-evaluates Gowland’s achievements in the early history of Japanese archaeology. Dr. Simon Kaner, Head of the Centre for Archaeology and Heritage at the Sainsbury Institute, will present the keynote lecture, discussing the influence of Gowland’s Kofun research on Japanese and British archaeology.

Workshop Details

Time: Saturday 18 June 2016, 13:00 – 17:30 pm
Venue: Lecture Room 1, Campus Plaza Kyoto, Kyoto Tachibana University
Language: Japanese

Free, booking essential
Booking on website: Tachibana University
Booking by E-mail:
Booking by phone: 075 574 4186
Booking by Fax: 075 574 4149

Image : Gowland standing in the main burial chamber of one of Tsukahara Kofun group mound. © Trustees of the British Museum

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