Crafting pottery, crafting events: Tamba potters and their promotional activities within Tamba Tachikui Pottery Cooperative – World Art Research Seminar

Wednesday 23 November, 2022
5:30pm GMT - 7:00pm GMT

UEA’s Department of Art History and World Art Studies presents World Art Research Seminar
Speaker:  Dr Shilla Lee, Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellow

About the talk

This presentation probes the processes in which the local craftspeople are incorporated into regional revitalisation projects, focusing on the experiences of the Tamba potters in Tamba Sasayama, Japan. In the light of debates about contemporary forms of traditional craft practices, it examines expanding scope of collective tasks in the management and promotion of public expectations. A major concern is the intensification of romanticised gazes through growing exposure of local craftsmanship through public events and how this is dealt by local craftspeople based on their existing social relations and practices as a collective cooperative. The flexible working relations of Tamba Tachikui kyōdo kumiai (Tamba Tachikui Pottery Cooperative) will show the receptiveness of a traditional social organisation to external changes.

Photo: Shilla Lee

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