Oki Nakamura

Academic Associate

Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Archaeology at Kokugakuin University and Hosei University

PhD Candidate, Keio University

Specialist in Jomon archaeology, Dr Nakamura has been studying burial practices to understand social hierarchical structures of the Jomon culture. Parallel to this he has used his fellowship period to research and interpret European neolithic monuments and bi-annual solstices relationships, ritual archaeology and its context and scale, and examining stone circles and its affiliated rituals and sceneries. After his fellowship, he was appointed Lecturer at Kokugakuin University and later Project Researcher at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, a post he presently continues to hold. He has published widely including Ritual Landscape in Northern Jomon Japan: An Outline (NEOMAP, 2009) and Jomon Reflections: Forager life and culture in the prehistoric Japanese Archipelago (Oxbow, 2004).